Website Redesign for Prananaz Inc.

(June – July 2017)




Prananaz Inc.




When I was interning at Spark DSG, I was given two related projects to work on for Naz Beheshti, the chief executive officer of her own corporate wellness company, Prananaz Inc. Naz requested to have two websites to be designed, one is Naz’s own marketing site and the other is the Prananaz Inc. site. Both projects were handed to me as an individual work with a supervisor oversee and help to support me.


This post focuses on the Prananaz Inc. site redesign, and please visit here for the marketing website design.




The client requested to have the design based on an existing WordPress theme, so I started the project by researching a clean theme that fulfills most of the requirements. Then based on what Naz wants her sites to appeal to her audience, I created three very distinct mood-board on Invision for her to choose. The three options are Hi-Tech, Daybreak, and Driven. With the theme we agreed on using, I was able to start making wireframes for each page using Sketch. After Naz selected a style she felt most comfortable with, I was able to apply the color, imagery, iconography, and typography to the wireframes. Throughout the entire project, I had meetings every week to show Naz the progress, exchange ideas and make changes based on her feedback.


The finished Sketch file was then transferred onto Zeplin and shared with Naz’s developer for development.




The live site can be accessed at

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