Interface Design - September 2017








Towards the end of my internship at Spark DSG, I took apart in a team of five to design the interface of a longevity calculator for MoneyGuidePro. For this project, our team was requested to provide three distinct styles for the client to choose, and of the three styles, two needed to be designed based on MoneyGuidePro’s existing pattern library. I was assigned to work on one of the designs that use the element in the pattern library.




For my version of the design, I picked the secondary colors in the pattern library to create a more playful and eye-catching style. I also chose the colorful version of the icons and graphics in the pattern library to use in the design. Then I was able to put together a style tile consists of the color, font, icon and graphics choices for the client. On the right shows the full style tile I created.


Based on the style tile and the content provided by the client I then created each page for both desktop and mobile version.

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