App Design and Development




Class Project


Description and Process:


This is a 6-month project that I did with a team of four for my UX I&II classes. We designed an app featuring a reward and social rating system for a bagel food truck called Schmear It. Starting from scratch, we visited the food truck daily, spoke to the food truck owner, interviewed customers of the food truck, did fly on the wall observation at the food truck’s location, and conducted user research. Then we brainstormed for designs, made affinity maps, created mood boards, and processed into making both low and high fidelity prototypes.  As the project progressed, we did user testings on every aspect of the app in order to make the functionalities most user-friendly. While we were designing the interface, we were also developing the web app along the way.


On the right shows the example of sketches in the beginning phase, the example of the affinity map, the example of the moldboard, and the initial design of the App's home screen in comparison to the final design.


View here to see the details of each page of the App. Side note: shrink the browser to get the full experience if viewing on a desktop screen.  

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